Exclusive Buyers List

Sign up here to join my exclusive buyers list of upcoming homes between the 250K and 350K range.  Tired of making offers on homes with problem repairs?  Tired of having to offer over asking price and being out bid?  Tired of no inventory of homes in this affordable price range.  I am changing the game.  I am offering homes in this price range which are updated and come pre inspected by homes inspectors.  No bidding wars.  If you are on the list and like the home you will be selected.  If you dont like the home you will stay on the list until a home comes available that you fall in love with.  Want additonal details?  Contact me John Christ Gail Nyman Group REMAX United Real Estate at john.christ@gailnymangroup.com.

Once you email me will schedule an in person meeting, phone call, or zoom meeting explaining how the program and list works.  Realtors, Lenders, and Buyers feel free to reach out to find out how the program will work.

Affordable housing:  You can talk about it or be about it.  Join me and lets be about it.

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Gail Nyman Group

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